3 Video Content Ideas for Businesses

YouTube is currently the second most popular social media network, so it comes as no surprise that 88% of users spend more time on websites with a video on them. According to Forbes, 95% of the message communicated via video is absorbed by the viewer as opposed to only 10% when the message is being read. 

Video content can be difficult to create, it takes some trial and error to perfect. To start creating video content all you fundamentally need is a smartphone and a few topic ideas. Below are 3 ideas to help you get the ball rolling: 

1. Answer FAQs

 Chances are many clients ask you the same question time and time again, so sit down and answer them. Try to stick to answering one or two questions per video. You don’t want to overload your viewers with excessive amounts of information. Keep your videos short and your vocabulary simple. 

2. Make announcements

Announce new products, offers, and new joiners. People buy from people, so share your team’s achievements through video content. 

Make videos introducing your new joiner and have them explain what value they add. Remember to always make it relevant to your viewer. For example ‘I have over 15 years experience. My aim is to help you streamline your processes saving you time and money…’. 

3. Introduce another company

 Ask another business to join you in creating video content. Try reaching out to a complimentary business in a similar industry to you. For example, if you are a painter decorator, reach out to a local interior designer to create content with. The partnership should be beneficial for both parties involved, it may also reduce filming costs.

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