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4 Things You Can do to Become More Mindful at Work

The Definition

The definition of mindfulness is “psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment”. Motivational speakers often run seminars around the topic of mindfulness for self-improvement but it can also be used in the context of business.

Take a deep breath

No doubt you are juggling multiple projects and tasks, some with rigid deadlines. It can be easy to fall into a cycle of feeling overwhelmed and drained. Mindfulness is about focusing. Take a moment to focus, not on your numerous projects, rather on the present. Slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on one task. Your one task should have your full undivided attention.

Silence distractions

Silence your phone and other devices that might cause distraction.  Give yourself 20-40 minutes distraction-free time to work on your task and take five minutes in between. These five minutes if possible should involve you getting up and walking away from where you were working. If you must check your emails, take a stroll and use your phone to check them.

Set a focus

You’re busy so set a focus. What are your three most important tasks for the day? You may think all your tasks are important, but they’re not. Check your calendar and see which tasks have rigid fast-approaching deadlines. Those are your most important for the day. It may be tempting to pick more than three focuses but don’t, you’ll start feeling overwhelmed and drained again.

Block out ten minutes

Take out ten minutes to reflect, you can do this daily or weekly. During these ten minutes take time to focus on the bigger picture. Why do you do what you do? Think about what role you play in reaching the businesses goals.

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