5 Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Communication is an important skill to have in business, yet so many of us aren’t particularly good at it. Whether it be spoken, written or non-verbal it is important to be able to effectively communicate especially in the workplace.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your communication skills to become a more effective leader.

1. Be concise

Be clear and conscience. Communicate your point in an easy understand manner. Using simple language and avoiding jargon and acronyms, doing so reduces the chances of confusion.

2. Think about your body language

Albert Mehrabian’s study shows that 55% of how the speaker is perceived is based on non-verbal communication. To communicate effectively you must keep your body language open, use the space you are in.  Avoid crossing your arms and slouching.

3. Engage with the listeners

Make your presentations and discussions interactive. Speak to your listeners, ask them questions and encourage open dialogue. Most people have limited attention spans meaning they will zone out if you don’t engage.

4. Know your audience

Not all listeners are the same, you need to be able to adapt your communication style to suit your audience. Some people require visual aids whereas others may find them distracting.

5. Listen

If you really want to connect with others listen. You must listen without judgment, really take in what is being said to you before responding. People often feel the need to respond immediately, but it’s fine to have a moment of silence whilst you gather your thoughts before responding.

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