5 Ways You Can Help Your Team Manage Stress

According to Forth with Life 85% of adults regularly experience stress. The main cause of stress for 25-54 years is work, so to put into to perspective 17 out of 20 of your employees are likely to feel stressed on a regular basis. Here are 5 things you can do to help your team manage stress:

Organise team building activities

Relationships can have an enormous impact on a work environment. When members of your team don’t get along they’re unable to communicate effectively, poor communication can cause tension and add to stress levels.
Team building activities encourage communication in an environment out of the office. Team building activities help break down the barriers that otherwise confine team members in the office such as status and department. Team building encourages collaboration and creativity, having a positive impact on stress levels.

Introduce modern policies and programmes

Consider policies that could be introduced to make the office a less stressful place. For example, employees who feel comfortable at work are less likely to feel stressed, the introduction of a casual dress policy will support this. Other policies and programmes that can be introduced to reduce stress levels are:

  • work organised lunches – encourages cross communication in a casual setting
  • an open-door policy – helps breaks down the manager/ employee barrier
  • discount gym memberships – exercise is a proven to reduce stress levels

Give your office a makeover

You don’t have to make drastic changes to the office for it to look different. Have a walk around your office, decide what works well and what doesn’t. What changes could you make for it to become a more enjoyable working space?

Think about removing dividers between desks to open the office up. Add low maintenance plants like cacti, bamboo palms and jade trees – also known as money trees supposedly bringing financial success and good luck. You may decide to make a space in the office for team members to have lunch away from their desks.

Allow flexible working

Give your team flexibility. If possible, allow team members to work remotely at home, this will help your team with their work-life balance. It may worth ensuring team members have a space to work in complete silence, away from the bustle of the office for a particular project or task. Flexible working will help reduce stress and improve productivity.

Praise your team

Give praise where praise is due. If a team member or department has a done a good job, let them know. Praise can be given publicly or privately, it can be motivating for announcements to be made in the office. Praise puts people minds at ease and helps them feel confident in what they are doing.

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