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5 Ways You Can Remain Productive Whilst Travelling

Pack like a tech pro

There is nothing worse than starting a piece of work and realizing you have no power on your laptop. Or that your document is in the cloud and will take 10 minutes to download and open on the free wifi at the station.

Staying productive whilst traveling is all about being prepared. Make sure you charge your laptop the night before, pack a portable charger, and make sure you have a wifi dongle or hotspot. It’s also worth packing spare charging wires, power packs, and headphones. It may seem excessive to pack so much, but there is nothing worse than losing work because your laptop died.

These travel gadgets will give you peace of mind when you travel.

Do something different

You’re in a new location, so do something you wouldn’t ordinarily. For example, watch a webinar, listen to a podcast or visit a landmark. Doing something different will energize you and help get creative juices flowing.

Don’t be tempted by treats

Whether you’re doing a day trip or a week-long one, it’s easy to get lured in by sweet treats at the coffee shop counter.

Try to pack healthy snacks for your journey. If you have a ‘keep cool’ bag pack fruit, veg, and hummus as well as pre-cooked meats, if not take non-perishable snacks such as nuts, beef jerky, and popcorn with you.

If you are away for a long period of time actively make healthy food choices, try opting for salads, soups, and grilled fish. Sticking to lighter foods will ensure you are full of energy and reduce the feelings of drowsiness that heavy foods often induce.

Adapt to the type of travel

Depending on your mode of transportation the amount and type of work you can do will vary. Trains and waiting rooms are usually loud places with fairly decent wifi it’s a good time to catch up on emails.

Plane journeys are best suited to watching pre-downloaded webinars, working on reports, or your business plan as you won’t have the distraction of your phone and emails.

If you are driving, try to arrange hands free calls or listen to a podcast. This will help keep your brain engaged and won’t make the journey seem like a waste of time.

Take time to settle

Book an extra day away. It may seem counterproductive to spend an extra day away from the office. Giving yourself an extra day to settle in and getting to know your surroundings will mean you know where amenities are.

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