Book a free 15-minute one-on-one consultation with a dedicated accountant. A chance for us to understand each other and hone in on your specific needs. We also offer a paid consultation where the topic is more in depth. Choose from the 2 options below.

FREE 15 Minute

Discovery Call

Book a call to discuss the profile of the business and our ability to help your specific situation.

Our preferred engagements offer more value than ‘transactional’ rubber stamping exercises.

The best way to get a sense of how we might work together is to have a conversation where we can ask you questions and work out ‘where you are’ right now.

For more imminent issues, you could consider a short term strategic consultation instead. It is a paid consultation unless you take us on as your accounting partner.

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Strategic Consultation
Accountancy, Taxation & Business

Paid Consultation

If you have a specific issue in mind, and would like some strategic advice, a second opinion perhaps.

We can answer any questions in the areas of business growth accountancy, taxation or finance process.

If you don’t like open ended conversations, this can be a way to try us out, with a defined end goal and cost agreed in advance.

A typical engagement might be for 45 minutes at £90

Outcomes: Advice for you to implement, a proposal from us to help you, or your money back.

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Banbury Office
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