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Business Trends to Watch in 2019

Business owners usually start the year with mixed emotions, you never know how the year ahead will treat you. Businesses must stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the changing needs of both consumers and their teams.

Here are some business trends to watch in the upcoming year:

Personalised marketing

Personalised marketing will continue to trend in 2019. Consumers no longer respond to generic messaging and impersonal phone calls.

Most businesses use their consumer’s first names in communications but this is no longer enough. To appeal to high-value consumers, you have to send a highly personalised message to probe action.

Need help personalising your marketing? Click here – 3 Steps to Personalising your Marketing

Flexible working

More businesses are offering their teams flexible working hours to help improve productivity. This shift to flexible working has come with advancements in technology.

Flexible working means businesses can rent out office space and create a more open working environment.

Video content

Facebook is the most popular social networking site with over 2.27 billion active users and on average 182 million videos, Youtube following closely behind as the second most popular platform.

Cisco has predicted that videos will constitute over 80%  of internet traffic by 2020. Clearly, video content is already popular and will continue to be in 2019. Businesses should start to utilise video content more in the coming year, they are attention-grabbing, easy to process and draw consumers in.

Environmental awareness

Consumers are becoming ever aware of the world around them, and the impact they have on it. A higher number of consumers want to shop and buy from ethical businesses that have an environmental focus, many are even willing to pay a higher price for this.

2019 should be a year for change, businesses need to have an increased awareness of the world around them and the impact they have on it.  Click here to read more about the benefits of running an environmentally responsible business.

Data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced by the EU in 2018 and has set global standards for data protection. GDPR is a legal requirement for every business that handles the data of EU residents.

The regulation also means that individuals had more control of their data – where it was held, how it was used and who has access to it.


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