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Effective Internal Communication

Effective internal communication enables a company to maximise the use of it’s employees’ talents, knowledge, and insights. An effective internal communication strategy will provide employees with the information they need to succeed, both personally and professionally. It will also help to avoid misunderstandings. Confusion in the office can lead to unclear deadlines and tasks. A good internal communication strategy will help to clear up any of this confusion. Good communication works both ways. It is also important for employees to give feedback. This is done by nurturing an open and trustworthy culture that encourages dialogue between teams and individuals. Managers need to be willing to listen to their employees’ feedback and learn from it. They can use this information to help the employees understand how their roles tie into the business aim. Weekly meetings should be carried out as a way of achieving effective internal communication. This is especially the case where employees are based in one location. Employees want regular, real-time updates. They want to understand how their efforts are contributing to the success of the firm. It is also important not to overwhelm your employees with too much information. They are already bombarded with emails and phone calls. It is important for internal communications no to add to this. To make the communications effective, keep them brief and include the high priority information first. Your team should be able to identify and understand what’s being communicated and what action is required at first glance. In regards to internal communications, keep it simple, ensure that your team feel informed and welcome their feedback.

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