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Mini Budget Summary – September 2022

The ‘biggest tax cut in a generation’ has been unveiled by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. Let’s take a look at what is inside.

Income Tax

  • From April 2023, the basic income tax rate will decrease to 19%.
  • According to government figures, 31 million people now earn £170 extra annually.
  • At the moment, people of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland must pay 20% of any yearly income between £12,571 and £50,270. Scotland’s tax rates are different.
  • The higher income tax rate of 45% was eliminated for residents of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • A single, higher income tax rate of 40% beginning in April of next year

National Insurance

The government announced the 1.25 percentage point increase in NICs in September of last year as a “health and social care levy” to fund improvements to the social safety net and the NHS. Ministers instructed firms to pay 15.05% while raising the regular NIC rate for employees from 12% to 13.25% with effect from April 6.

The government claims that removing this will allow more than 28 million people to keep more of their earnings. The majority of employees will see the reduction in their November pay on their employer’s payroll; but, for certain individuals, it may not happen until December or January.

The adjustment will result in annual saving s of £93 for those making £20,000, £343 for those making £40,000, £593 for those making £60,000, and £1,093 for £100,000, said analysts.

Sunak also stated earlier this year that the starting point for NICs would increase from £9,880. Starting in July of this year, employees are exempt from paying contributions until they earn £12,570 annually, which is also the threshold at which income tax is levied.

On Thursday, the government reaffirmed its “commitment to maintaining the level of these criteria to support families.” According to the report, the levy reversal and higher thresholds together will improve the financial situation of about 30 million people in 2023–24 by an average of more than £500.

Corporation Tax

  • Stop the planned increase in company tax across the UK from 19% to 25% in April 2023.

Work and Investment

  • Simplifying IR35 laws, which govern off-payroll employment
  • The annual investment allowance, or the sum businesses can invest tax-free, stays at £1 million forever.
  • Regulations have been changed to allow pension funds to grow their UK investments.
  • New and startup businesses can raise up to £250,000 under a tax-relief program for investors.
  • Employee share options increased from £30,000 to £60,000.

Stamp Duty

  • Reduce the amount of stamp duty that buyers in England and Northern Ireland must pay.
  • Starting today, first-time homebuyers will pay no stamp duty on the first £250,000 of their purchase, increasing to £425,000.
  • The government anticipates eliminating stamp duty payments for 200,000 more people.


  • Freezing energy bills, which the administration estimates will result in a 5% reduction in inflation.
  • For the six months starting in October, the energy package’s total cost is expected to be around £60 billion.


  • VAT-free purchases for international visitors
  • The duties on beer, cider, wine, and spirits were not increased as planned.

Infrastructure and investment zones

  • The government and 38 local areas in England are debating the establishment of investment zones.
  • Land will be made available for residential and commercial usage thanks to tax reductions and loosened planning regulations.
  • Investment zones provided incentives including waived business rates and stamp duty.
  • New legislation aiming to speed up construction by eliminating environmental studies, EU standards, and planning restrictions

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