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What does your Strategy say about your Business?

Your business’s strategy says a lot about what you and your firm belief in and where you are going to invest your resources. But what does your strategy say about your firm from your customer’s perspective?

Customer focus

Your customers want to know that you and your business care about them. They want to feel important and that they are at the center of your universe. Without your customers, your business wouldn’t exist. As such, it is important to build your firm’s strategy around your customers.

The very best businesses build every process and interaction around creating a great experience for their customers. Businesses such as Amazon and Netflix are well known for their customer-centric business strategies, but you don’t need to be a global enterprise in order to create a strategy that puts customers first.

Whats the value for your customer?

The next time you and your management team sit down to review your strategy, start with your customers. Think about who they are the problems they face, and what your business can do to help them. Maybe they are time poor so your strategy could be to save them time by offering the most efficient service in your market sector. Perhaps your customers want better value for money so maybe a strategy that focuses on delivering a low-cost product or service would be more relevant to them.

Send the right message

Regardless of the strategy that you choose to implement, make sure that it sends the right message to your target audience. That message should be bold and it should tell your customers (and target customers) that they are at the center of everything your business does.


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