Is Your Business Environmentally Friendly?

Environmental issues have moved to the top of the agenda, resulting in climate change demonstrations across the world. Businesses are expected to play their part in fighting global warming. 

All businesses, regardless of their size, should work towards reducing waste. 

Society is becoming increasingly focused on environmental issues. Meaning, if you want to attract and retain the best talent, and appeal to shoppers you need an environmental focus. 

So, what’s your business doing to be more environmentally friendly?  

Do a waste audit

Before you start creating plans to reduce waste, you need to get a sense of how much you have. Conduct a waste audit. Identify waste areas that need attention and create strategies to tackle them. 

Waste management companies offer a service where they will assess your firm’s waste output and create a report. The report can be a starting point for your waste reduction strategy.  

Types of waste for most businesses:

Printing-related waste

Most businesses produce a lot of paper from their printers. Very often, this ends up being shredded. To reduce your paper waste, encourage your team to go paperless. This means reading emails on screen rather than printing, using filing sharing software to share documents. 

If there is a need to print, ensure your printers default setting is ‘double sided’ and ‘eco’. This will reduce paper waste and also reduce the amount you spend on printer ink. 

Food-related waste

Avoid plastic or paper cups in the office. Stock your kitchen up with ceramics and ask your team to bring in refillable bottles. This small change can drastically reduce waste. 

If possible provide a food waste bin as well. Using a food bin means biodegradable materials are put to good use.  

3 ways to reduce your waste

Encourage recycling

Introduce recycling bins to your office(s). Make sure they are clearly labeled. 

Cut your electricity usage

Cut your electric usage it will not only benefit the environment but your bank balance too. 

You can cut usage by switching to low voltage LED light bulbs, as well as sensors that switch them off. 

Train your team

Once you have created your waste reduction strategy, share it with your team. Build waste-reducing into their annual targets. 


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