4 Ways You Can Monitor the Success of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Ever wonder how successful your online marketing efforts are?  Here are 4 ways you can monitor the success of your online marketing.

Track website visits

One of your online marketing goals is to drive traffic to the website. The success of a campaign can be measured by monitoring traffic to your site. Find out on average how many websites visits you get, page views as well as overall time spent on your site before your campaign. Review the stats as your campaign progresses. Increased traffic to your site is a good indicator of how successful your campaign has been. Be sure to identify the content that is bringing in the most traffic, this information will help you better plan for future campaigns.

Social media interaction

Record your follower count across all of your social media platforms. Use a third-party app or the platform’s analytics to check what your most impressionable post was, as well as the ones with the most reposts, likes, and shares. Knowing these numbers will help you assess to what degree your firm’s profile has increased.


Monitoring the number of leads before and after a campaign is a useful indicator of how successful your campaign has been. Leads may come in via the phone, online forms, or email. You have likely had a number of interactions with these prospects before they reached out to you. For example, they may have seen a tweet, read a blog, and seen an advert, before contacting you to show their interest in your product or service.

New business and increased revenue

The ultimate sign of a successful digital marketing campaign is a new business and increased revenue. Driving traffic to your website, gaining followers, and increased leads all play a part in improving the profile of the business, though the overall success is determined by the amount of new business obtained as a direct result of the campaign.

Increased traffic, interactions, and leads but no conversions.

If you notice that you have increased traffic to your website but a low number of leads it may be time to re-evaluate aspects of your campaign. For example, prospects may be clicking links from your tweets, visiting your website but not reaching out to you. This could be for a number of reasons including your website’s design, poor call to action on downloads and blogs. Step back and review different aspects of your campaign, ask those who do reach out for feedback – what made them contact you.

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